Business loan for working capital cycle need to prepare materials

a lot of people are "working capital revolving loan" very strange, but it's time for businesses in the financial crisis, liquidity revolving loan can be a lot of help. Today we introduce you to handle such materials need to be prepared.

according to small series understand, Enterprise handle liquidity cycle loan need prepared information has following several:

1, and liquidity cycle loan applications;

2, and customer license copy, and corporate code card copy, and tax registration card copy, and corporate representative proved;

3, and company articles, inspection funding report and the loan card (card);

4, and near three years audit report and Dang period of financial report;

5, and With the Board of Directors institutions, should be issued by the relevant Board of Directors resolution and authorization;

6, credit-related economic contracts;

7, other materials required by lenders.

above loan for working capital cycle of the enterprise need to prepare materials introduced, I believe you have to handle the liquidity cycle loan material has a certain understanding of the need to prepare, we hope that small can bring some help.

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