Commercial property mortgage

business property refers to business and office buildings, including shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, industrial and warehouse buildings and other forms of property. When enterprises need funds, commercial mortgage loans are a good idea. To introduce the business following the Maple financial, property mortgage loans.

companies applying for a commercial mortgage loan, you need to meet certain conditions. With the Beijing Branch of the China Everbright Bank "business mortgage loans", for example, eligibility criteria are: 1. borrowers age of 18-60, no bad credit record; 2.1 years operating in Beijing, 3. in eight districts of Beijing have shops or offices, age maximum of 25 years.

eligible enterprises, need to prepare or dealing with proof of identity, corporate data, and business property ownership information, etc, go to banks for mortgage lending. Information is submitted, the Bank will conduct surveys and the review and approval through borrowers ' loan contract with the Bank, to be completed after the business mortgage register, you can wait for bank lending.

such as obtaining commercial property mortgage, might as well enjoy the town opened the business bank consulting or directly to the Maple financial online local professional loan consultant.

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