Credit card micro-loan application conditions and the required information

credit card small loans is the abbreviation of micro credit credit card credit is based on credit card holders credit loans available. Such loans, once launched, quickly popular in the loan market. If you want to apply last thing about credit card micro-loan eligibility criteria and the information required. Today we'll briefly explain.

major bank credit card small loans, we have a Bank of "Dragon card benefits credit card", for example, to introduce their application conditions and information. Eligibility criteria are: 1. age: 22-60 years old; 2. credit requirements: no late many times; 3. work experience: their units which work continuously for more than 6 months; 4. income requirement: banks pay more than 8000; 5. security requirements: payment of local pension funds and social security for more than 6 months; 6. Hukou requirements: such as household registration is required in the field of local real estate.

This is application for employment conditions, self-employed persons differ, mainly the following articles: 1. operational requirements: registered business 2 years; 2. real estate requirements: required local real estate, valued at more than 2 million.

application materials to: the second-generation ID card, banking water for 6 consecutive months, work certificate or business license, foreign residence persons, self-employed persons are required to provide the title deed.


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