Improve loan approval rates of the three trick

loans while the world has been to introduce new products, policies are constantly updated, but the loan market is always the seller is in charge of marketing. Money in hand, take and not take, depends on banks ' ability to see if you can persuade it to. So, besides the basic conditions with good credit, what can provide loan approval to add help? Today we will talk about the promotion enterprise loan approval rate with three trick to learn about it.

1. increased funds between

increased funding this applies in front of all the banks, but chosen, depends on individual banks ' preferences. We to CITIC Bank mortgage loan for cases, if enterprise levy letter has flaws, but and not to "killed" of serious degree, this enrollment moved out can on works more has, you can to to purchase precious metals, and financial products, and insurance, form for Bank of funds business join, also can select back save, that is will loan funds in the of a small save returned to you in the line of savings account, equivalent to up to has margin of role, can effective comfort Bank disturbed of mood. It is understood that this relative worked in front of China CITIC Bank and Bank, but to the principles of strong banks such as China Merchants Bank, may malfunction, so that selected banks is very important.

2. Choose Bank

Bank loan seems like dealing and acquaintance, what's the saying? Yes, good acquaintances do. May I ask which bank deposits? Do they favor your day, the line as a staging ground for enterprise funds remaining, contribution people naturally knows, therefore, based on the principles of mutual benefit, when you have demand for loans, they will return, not as tough as the other enterprises.

3. increase the guarantor

If the enterprise account receivable turnover rate is too slow, banks with what I believe you have excellent payment strength? If a guarantor to stand up for you at this time, subtext meant if he can't pay, I'll also, Bank saved half of the heart, a great possibility of loan. However, the guarantor needs to have strong financial strength or asset provided for you, to give you a helping hand.

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