Small business funding problem how to solve it?

small and micro enterprises in the course of business could easily encounter cash flow problems above, small business funding problem how to solve it? Then best of solution approach is application loan, now we on to for small micro-entrepreneurs recommended three species loan way:

1, and credit loan

now many Bank are for small micro-enterprise launched has credit loan products, like GF Bank businessman, and Nanjing Bank Xin micro-force, and peace Bank new a loan and so on, as long as borrowing enterprise has on time full repayment of capacity, good of credit records, will can proposed loan application.

2, UNPROFOR loans

If the business owners themselves qualified enough to apply for a loan, you can find several companies to form a joint security body, and then to the Bank for credit. However, the disadvantage of this loan is: If one of the members of the security of late repayment, other members would assume joint and several liability. Therefore, business owners security body must examine each other's willingness to repay, and ability to repay, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.

3, mortgages

If small business owners can meet such request for collateral, loan risk will be greater, and optional high, long term loan, line of credit.

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