Student loan comparison of two method of repayment

student loans, borrowers can choose to equal principal repayment, you can also select equal principal repayment. So the two methods which are more suitable for borrower? Here we will give you two student loans repayment comparison

comparison of two method of repayment of student loan

matching service: method of equal repayments benefit is relatively small and fixed monthly repayment amount, repayment pressure is small, the disadvantage is that the whole repayment period to pay the interest of relatively more.

equal principal: equal principal repayment pay relatively low interest throughout the repayment period, prior to repay principal and interest aggregate amount more, early repayment pressure, new college graduate who's work was inadequate.

small series of opinion, more suited to students ' choice of method for matching principal and interest repayment, because students just graduated income is not particularly high, at this time if you select equal principal may be higher repayment pressure.

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